The first picture is before R’bore. The orange means afraid. I was kinda afraid because I was sure that I was going to face challenges. The red and the yellow and green means happiness. I was so excited and happy it was crazy, I think everyone was like that. The blue means sadness. I was sad to leave my mom but the first day I was good. The black means explocens by that I mean craziness. It was crazy everywhere teachers dancing around and around.  
 This was after R’bore. The eye and the black and orange means that we saw a tiger a mighty one. The blue and purple and yellow. means that I was happy to have a great adventure like that. The brown means that I was sad that all the fun was now over and that there is a big life ahead. The red means that I felt brave and strong.


India Week


India Week, is a week to celebrate India. My classmates and I have a sell at our school. At the sell you can see people making Indian stuff, for example the picture that I posted was a man making kites. The kites our made of tissue paper and the stick is made of bamboo. After he makes patterns with other peses of tissue paper. To be continued 

Fantasy sneak peek

It was windy outside and it was about to rain. I started walking to my favourite place. I walked for about 20 minutes and finally I got there. It was an old well. It had some slugs on it and flies flying around it. I started throwing rocks in the well. I always do that to calm down. I started walking to it so I could see if the water is high or low. I suddenly tripped over a rock and fell into it.I was so scared because I thought I would hit the water or ground. After one minute I was floating in the air thinking of some stuff like, is Jerry looking for me right now? How much deeper does this well go? WHY AM I AVENTLY EVEN HERE!?
I chose this paragraph because I thought it will tell a tiny bit of the story. The first paragraph is a paragraph that has a stile of writing that I really like. I like the first sentence the most because it really fits with his feeling, he is actually sad at that part of the story. The second paragraph is really funny, well that’s my opinion. I think it’s funny because I thought to myself what if I was floating in the air that would be cool, right.

Frog story from Tuesday

I was ready for bed but I was still very hungry. I went to the kitchen but first I looked out the window. I thought someone was watching me but I didn’t see anyone. When I was in the kitchen I started to look for food but I had nothing good. I even looked outside because my friend might have put it there.

     I like him but sometimes he is really annoying, too. For instance, he once stole my family picture and then he broke it. I did not kick him out of my house but I just got very mad at him.

     Ok now I’m getting really hungry and tired but I can’t sleep with an empty tomy. I finally found sandwiches in the bathroom.

     I still thought someone or something was watching me. I went to the kitchen and swallowed the sandwiches down but while I did that I saw some FLYING FROGS!!! I got so scared I almost choked myself because of my sandwich that I was eating. I blinked my eyes 10 times thinking that it’s a dream, but no it wasn’t a dream it was real all real. I ran up stairs and I didn’t come back downstairs till morning. I tried to wake up Simon, he is the guy that broke my family picture but I couldn’t. That next day I saw a detective on the street. I told him what happened and what a bad night I had then back to bed.