The Monster Inside Connor by Michelle


The Monster Inside Connor

*spoiler alert*

The monster inside of us. Everyone has one. I have one. You have one. Your friends have one. Everyone has a monster inside of them, maybe it is still hiding inside of you, or maybe it has shown itself. Both ways, you have to learn to except it, because it will always be there, no matter what you do.

The book A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Connor, the main character, is his own monster. The yew tree, the monster, is a representation of Connor that he doesn’t show. Another way of saying this is, whenever the monster does certain things, it turns out Connor does those things, so Connor is the monster. Whenever the monster is destroying things, Connor does too, also the monster knew the reason that Connor called him and about his dream when no one else did, and the monster can show memories to Connor. This book shows that we all have a monsters inside of us, and even if we don’t want to except it at first, it is always there, and you have to learn to accept it.

For example, on page 179 Connor is in the cafeteria and is starting a fight. The reason of this is due to, a bully in the story starts to pretend that Connor is invisible because that is what the bully thought Connor wanted. Connor gets angry and starts a fight. At one point the book states, “You shut up,” Connor said. And he heard the monster’s voice say it with him. On the next page you figure out that Connor hurt harry, but Connor blames it on the monster, even though everyone in the cafeteria saw that it was Connor, and no one else could see the monster. Another example of this type of behaviour is from page 136 to 138, where Connor has the power to destroy a house in a story that the yew tree has told, so Connor tells him to destroy the house, but when the story finishes and Connor ‘wakes up’ Connor had bruises on his hands and had destroyed everything that was around him, the yew tree had also disappeared. Again Conner had the bruises, and the yew tree was gone, and Connor got in trouble. It has happened twice in the book where Conner or the yew tree control each other and then Connor gets in trouble. This shows a strange connection between the two. It also shows that the monster is in Connor’s mind, because again like I said in my first example no one else saw the monster except for Connor.

Connor had never told anyone about his dream so, how did the monster know about connors dream? For example, from page 215-220 Connor doesn’t want to say the truth about what he thinks about his mom, and the monster knows he is not telling the truth. Also a few pages before that the yew tree shows Connor a image about the dream that Connor has, that Connor has never told anyone. How did the monster know this? This is just more proof that shows that somehow the monster and Connor are connected. The monster knew things about Connor that nobody else knows except for himself, but he didn’t want to believe it, and the monster reminded him of it.

The last thing that I noticed is the way that the monster shows, and tells its stories to Conner. How does the monster do that? An example of this is on page 125 where is states, “(The monster opened its hands again, and a mist rolled through his  grandma’s sitting room. When it was cleared , Connor and the monster stood on a field of green, overlooking a valley of mental and brick.)” on this page the monster shares a memory with Connor, and in the book The Giver the main character is awarded Receiver of Memory, the person who stores all the past memories of the time before Sameness (the world that they currently live in) and this person who just got awarded goes to this person who can share memories with him, but only the main character can see those memories, and other people can’t. This aspect might be the same with A Monster Calls cause with the monster and Connor, only Connor can see the memories that the monster shows him. Authors are always reading other author’s books to improve their writing, and get new ideas, it is a possibility that Patrick Ness got this idea from The Giver and wrote this idea in this book.

In conclusion, the monster and Connor are connected, and that the monster is some of the dark thoughts that Connor thinks. Only Connor can see the monster, the monster knew Connor’s dreams, and the monster can show Connor his memories. Why does this matter? These things means that we all have some sort of monster inside of us, something that we dont tell people, something that we are hiding.

At the end of the book Connor accepts the truth about his mother, that she is dying. The monster helped him tell the truth, even though Connor didn’t want to think about his mother dying. On page 2018-2020 the book states, “please don’t make me say it,” Connor said. “Please don’t make make me say it.”

You let her go, the monster said.

Connor shook his head. “Please-“

You let her go, the monster said again.

Connor closed his eyes tightly.

But then he nodded.


And he spoke the words.

He spoke the truth.

He told the rest of the fourth tale.

“I can’t stand it anymore!” He cried out as the fire raged around him. “I can’t stand knowing that she’ll go! I just want it to be over! I want it to be finished!”

These pages are very important in the book. It shows Connor accepting that his mother will die. He is accepting his dark thoughts, his monster. He didn’t want to accept that at first, but when the monster reminded Connor of the thoughts that Connor doesn’t want to think about, Connor accepted it, and grew from it. It helped him through his mother’s death later on in the book. You should do this too. Accept emotions and grow from them, and don’t be ashamed about it. It is okay to be sad, and it is okay to dread things, as long as you can accept those feelings, and not ignore them, because it will be with you forever if you ignore it, and it will grow stronger, and make you sad over time. Connor has to face own monster, and everyone else has a monster too, but as long as you accept the monster inside you, everything will be alright.

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